After 5 1/2 years of sweat, blood and tears the KJ Engineering designed Bondi 36 was launched in Hamburg in front of an impressed crowd. Even the sky was mostly an unusual blue colour.

The bondi 36 is probably one of the most sophisticated home building project completed by an amateur. The design is an exciting mix of racing and cruising features to meet the requirements of the owner. Except for the lead bulb, keel fin and engine all major parts are made from carbon to minimise weight. Unusual for a racing yacht is the full interior with proper galley, head, heater, fridge and running water. The owner couple wants to cruise the Baltic and therefore need comfort below when the conditions are unfavorable outside. To make sure a reasonable amount of sails can be carried with only a crew of two, water ballast tanks are located in the aft cabins.

The quality of the work can only be described as exceptional. It will be difficult to find a boat built to this standard anywhere.

Infusion technology was used to laminate the hull and deck. There is plenty of time to place the reinforcements. The infusion process itself only takes a few minutes and is very clean without resin mess everywhere.

We are looking forward to the results of the first sea trials. Speed under engine was 8.5 knots which is very encouraging.

KJ Engineering designed and engineered the hull, keel and rudder structures. Additionally we supported the built process with tips, tricks and detailed instructions.