We are pleased to announce the release of the Naval Architect Toolbox pro version. The pro version has all the features of the free version. Additionally hulls can be analysed automatically at a range of heel angles which is great for calculating the righting moment curve and finding the heel angle at minimum wetted surface area. 

It is possible to analyse quite complicated hulls such as multihulls and hulls with reverse chines. 

The pro version also makes it possible to calculate the mass of objects modeled in Rhino. Mass properties can be assigned to materials and the data is stored in the notes box of the regular Rhino material. It is possible to assign densities, area masses and point masses to materials. 

When calculating the mass the plug-in detects if the object is a solid object, surface or point automatically. The volume of solid objects is multiplied by the density, areas by the area mass and point objects simply have the point masses applied. 

Material properties can be assigned directly to the object or via the layer. The object material has precedence over the layer material and therefore it is possible to group objects with different properties into one layer.

Materials can be stored to files and imported which makes re-using of the data easy. A demo video is below.

The pro version can be purchased in our shop.